Thursday, 21 February 2019

The Boat Song - by Chimera and Antara

There is a new generation of Odia singers out there who do not shy away from experimenting. Recently came across a wonderful composition called the "Boat Song" which evokes the mystery and tales of the Boatman. The song has a strong essence of folk and tradition and has a mixture of two languages.

And talking about Boat songs, this one doesn't have the phrase "majhi re" even once in the first stanza! well slips it in at the end though...

"Mate bhaseilure re, mate budeilure, akula nadira tara kula nahi re"

Like the lyrics, the song has a spirit of limitlessness well portrayed by the young team.

The song is produced by Sumantra Mishra, Professor of Architecture at PMCA, Cuttack.

The song is sung by young architecture student Antara Ghosal and Chimera, and features PMCA-ians Mondip Kalita on bass, Rex Walter Sangma on rhythm. Tuhina lip syncs for Antara in the video. The song is a fusion of Oriya, Assamese and Bengali folk music.

Wishing this very young team the very best in their future compositions.

Watch the delightful Boat Song by Chimera and Antara, here

Produced by Athena Music Academy (AMA Productions)

Lead Artists - Satyaki Panigrahi (Chimera), Antara Ghosal

Instumentals - MYST

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