Monday, 28 November 2011

Katchy Kolaveri Di

Why this Kolaveri Di? Why is it a super success?

Well no point analysing! A language all can identify with (koloquial eenglieesh), a super simple lyrics, sung by a successful actor in a movie directed by a super super actor's daughter (Rajnikant's daughter Aishwarya) - all the right ingredients seem to have been mixed and prepared in jusstu the rightu way.

Holy Kau - justu lovvu this songu! Watch the "soup song, lovvu song" "Why this Kolaveri Di" here, sung by Tamil actor Dhanush. Really music knows no boundary...


humsachihai said...

is this old odia song ?

SM R said...

Sachibhai - it is a catchy song - so cudnt resist adding - thanks for looking into my blog