Monday, 10 October 2011

Wanted Co - Contributors

I started this blog as a tribute to old oriya music and film industry. However I find there is so much to cover - that I have not been able to do even the minimum of justice to anything.

I would be happy to have co-contributors to this blog. I am happy to get an average of approximately 400 visitors daily - so anyone who wants to contribute has an immediate audience. I would appreciate anecdotes on Oriya culture, personalities, singers, writers and the entire gamut of Odia cultural scene. But dont let that hinder you - anything to say on our beloved State - please say it.

Please leave me a message - to contribute so I can arrange the modalities. And if you have uploaded any old oriya song - (well)sung by self - nudge me to it - so I can embed it here.

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Unknown said...

Wow.... Awesome post & your writing style is superb like as usual all your post.

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