Monday, 28 November 2011

Katchy Kolaveri Di

Why this Kolaveri Di? Why is it a super success?

Well no point analysing! A language all can identify with (koloquial eenglieesh), a super simple lyrics, sung by a successful actor in a movie directed by a super super actor's daughter (Rajnikant's daughter Aishwarya) - all the right ingredients seem to have been mixed and prepared in jusstu the rightu way.

Holy Kau - justu lovvu this songu! Watch the "soup song, lovvu song" "Why this Kolaveri Di" here, sung by Tamil actor Dhanush. Really music knows no boundary...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Jagannath Temple at Trousset Encyclopedia

Here is an entry about the Jagannath Temple as found in the Trousset encyclopedia (piblished in Paris 1886-1891 ed.)

The entry as with most of the Western World's chronicle of India and its religion, culture and temples has some glaring errors. Balabhadra has been referred to as Shiva. The abode of Jagannath has been given the description of the Jagannath Rath. Jagannath and Krishna have been mentioned synonymously. However, I would still say it is quite a faithful representation by a culture of a culture aeons of civilizations away. At least it doesn't mention the local people as "aborigines" as in somewhere else (I think, it was wikipedia) I found mentioned!

The last line of the entry says "The English took possession of the city in 1803." I somehow cannot imagine the English at my ancestral city of Puri. I guess it is a tribute to the insularity and strength of the culture that there remains no trace of any British influence whatsoever at Puri. But again why should the British go to Puri - except perhaps to collect the taxes? I am glad Puri didnt become a "Brighton":-)

Some interesting facts

Jagannath Temple Puri - completed sometime during 1100s; height - 214 odd ft - when concrete had not been heard of, Industrial Revolution would have been limited to sea side sand castles and intricate metal frames made from machinery were... six centuries away
Eiffel tower Paris -  an acknowledged marvel of our times - built in 1889; a height of 1063 ft and an intricate iron lattice construction.

So how could we be so much ahead of our times some 1000 years back and so much behind everything now (- the tallest contemporary building we boast of being the 9 storeyed Secretariat in Bhubaneswar)?

(Image Source -

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Neija Re Megha Mote - Balidaan

Here is a beautiful old oriya song "Neija Re Megha Mote" from the 1979 Oriya Movie Balidaan. The movie has other classic songs like "Sabu Nadi Nuhe re Ganga", Ahe Dayamaya Biswa Bihari, "Rangeli - Holi Holi Holi Ranga Rageli Holi"

Song - Neijare Megha Mote
Singer - S. Janki
Music Director - Prafulla Kar

Here is the song.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Wanted Co - Contributors

I started this blog as a tribute to old oriya music and film industry. However I find there is so much to cover - that I have not been able to do even the minimum of justice to anything.

I would be happy to have co-contributors to this blog. I am happy to get an average of approximately 400 visitors daily - so anyone who wants to contribute has an immediate audience. I would appreciate anecdotes on Oriya culture, personalities, singers, writers and the entire gamut of Odia cultural scene. But dont let that hinder you - anything to say on our beloved State - please say it.

Please leave me a message - to contribute so I can arrange the modalities. And if you have uploaded any old oriya song - (well)sung by self - nudge me to it - so I can embed it here.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Sniti Mishra Sings Oriya Song - Najaa Radhika

Ace singer and ZEE TV Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Star Sniti Mishra sings an Oriya composition by Pt. Raghunath Panigrahi "Najaa Radhika" on ETV. The song is accompanied by Odissi Dance. Since I dont stay in Odisha, this is the first time I am hearing Sniti sing a Oriya song - and it feels wonderful! What a talent!

Sniti Mishra is being managed by Artiste Management Group (AMG India). She will be on a USA tour from 1-10th July, 2011. So watch out!

Sniti was also the winner of Zee SaReGaMaPa "Most Remarkable Voice" for the 2010 season of the popular Zee TV talent show.

Watch Sniti Mishra perform "Najaa Radhika" here.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Watch Video of Saathire Mu Je Jaane na Kaha Bata

Watch this lovely old oriya song "Saathire Mu Je Jaane na Kaha Bata" sung live by the amazingly gifted Sunita Mishra. It is a highly popular song from "Gapa Hele Bhi Sata". The song was originally sung by Suman Kalyanpur.

Film - Gapa Hele Bhi Sata
Song - Mu Je Janena Kaha Baata
Singer - Sunita Mishra