Friday, 22 October 2010

Kumar Purnima - Kumara Punei Janha Go | Full Lyrics

Today is Kumar Poornima. I was reminded of all the Kumar Pornima celebrated during childhood with Pitha, Mitha, offerings to the Janha and later the song "Kumara Punei Janha Go Phula Baula Beni". And of course pranam (Mundiya) to the elders and getting coins or rupees in exchange.

Kumar Purnima is a festival where Karthik the handsome bachelor and the Son of Shiva and Parvati is worshipped. Girls worship Karthik wishing for a beau like him and eat after offering to the full moon. The day is also observed as Laxmi Puja or Gaja Laxmi Pooja by some.

Kumar Utsav is a popular festival now with the peppy song accompanied by folk dance performed at many venues.

Here are the full lyrics of  one version of this traditional Odia folk song

Kuanra Punei Janha Lo
Phula Boula Beni
Kumari Jhianka apurba ananda
Puchi Kheli baku mana Lo
Phula Baula Beni

Karamanga Gacha Chai Go
Phula Baulo Beni
Kharabele Nai Pani Pain Gali
Krushnanku Bhetiba Pain Go
Phula Baula Beni

Puchi Lo Puchi ja
Gabhira bila re luchi ja
Gabhira Bila re Mainsi
Dhana kili kili Khauchi

Adei de re gauda Bhai ,
Bajei de re bainsi

Thia Puchi naranga
Goda Duita Saranga
Saranga badi re jaithili

To Bhauni Rani lo
Mo Bhaiti Raja

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Watch video of Mu Je Janena Kaha Baata Rahichi Chahin - Gapa Hele Bhi Sata

Watch the video of Mu Je Janena Kaha Baata Rahichi Chahin - a classic old oriya movie song from the movie "Gapa Hele Bhi Sata".

The lyrics were by Guru Krushna Goswami and the song was sung by Suman Kalyanpur.

The song's lyrics go like this

Saathi Re, Ja kahi Saathi re
Muje Janena Kaha Baata Rahichi Chahin
Mora Emiti Kehi nahin Asiba Paeen re asiba paeen
Saathi re...

Akasa Re nahin jahna, nahin ta suruja
tebe bi pakae kiye alua ra muruja
Emiti e mana tale, mahua chamaka khele
Na lagi kahara chuan tikaka paeen haa tikaka paeen


Saathi re

Hope you enjoy this beautiful Oriya song

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Download Sabitri Puja Katha in Oriya

All of us Oriya married women who stay outside of Orissa or India are generally prevented from doing Pujas the traditional way because of a lack of Puja books, knowledge or the right atmosphere.

Savitri generally falls in the month of June. Married women decorate a "Sila Pua" (stone pestle) with haldi, sindur, bangles and read out the Savitri Katha. They touch the feet of their spouse and in-laws and generally observe a fast eating only the Puja bhog comprising of soaked mung, grated coconut, fruits, etc.

Here is a link to the Sabitri Puja Katha in Oriya. The link is courtesy of - The Samaja Online Newspaper | Samaj epaper | Oriya Paper | Oriya News Online

If you want to read oriya news online - what better option than Samaj? I remember a time when my father was posted abroad and he subscribed to the international version of Samaj which reached him once in 15 days!
Now get your daily dose of Oriya Samaja online here at the official Samaj newspaper website

If you want to read the samaja paper directly go to the epaper at

Friday, 1 October 2010

A Tumultuous Week - Some Patriotic Flavor on Gandhi Jayanti - Watch Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Video Online

It has been a really tumultuous week. The Ayodhya Verdict, all the hype and controversy leading upto the Commonwealth Games and more importantly the Clash of the Titans with the Two Test India - Australia Series!

The Commonwelth Games Open tomorrow to hopefully a grand start. AR Rehman has provided the theme song "Jiyo Utho Badho Jeeto" for the CW Games - and so far it has been the best part of the Games!

On the occasion of the Gandhi Jayanti - here is an awesome video on National Integration which touched all our hearts when it was telecast on DD during the late 1980s. "Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Toh Sur Bane Hamara" - meaning "when your and mine music join it becomes our music" was recorded in 14 languages and features the top artistes of our times.

There are even two lines of Oriya in the song - "Tumara Amara Swarara Milana Shrusti Kari Chalu Eka Tana"

Watch the Mile Sur Video here

Know all about the song at Wikipedia