Sunday, 26 September 2010

About Oriya Languge - Oriya Language from Wikipedia

What is Oriya (Odia)?
  • A language spoken by more than 30 million people and traces of which has been found in the even the 2nd Century BC! A language older than 2000 years old!
  • Written evidence of modern form of Odia is found from as early as  eighth century AD.
  • Oriya is the language that bears the closest resemblace to Sanskrit in its spoken form.
  • Jayadeva - an eminent Sanskrit poet from 13th century and who composed the "geet govinda" was from Puri, Orissa. Jayadeva's works had a profound influence on Oriya art forms like the Odissi Dance, devotional songs and Oriya language and culture.
Find out more about the Oriya language at wikipedia here.
A Comprehensive English-Oriya Dictionary is available free at Google Books (early 20th century dictionary)

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