Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sandhyadipa Kar - Odissi Dancer Par Excellence

As i was going through some Odissi dance snippets posted on FB of a friend's child - I was reminded of my childhood friend Sandhyadipa Kar. Sandhya or Deepa is the daughter of the renowned Oriya Music composer Prafulla Kar. She trained in Odissi dance from her childhood with Guru Shri Kelu Charan Mohapatra. Her love of the art form is evident in the zeal with which she has pursued Odissi with teaching, workshops, performances (some combined performances with her renowned Father and brother being much anticipated in Oriya communities the World over) for the past 15 years - combined with a busy family life. She is of course one of the eminent exponents of Odissi today.

Here is a youtube snippet of the immensely graceful Sandhya performing "Dasavatar"

The Odissi Profiles: Sandhyadipa Kar: "Sandhyadipa is currently settled in Cleveland and is actively involved in performing, promoting and teaching Odissi Dance."

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