Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bande Utkala Janani On TV

This classic ode to Orissa is in a new form on Oriya Television. Featuring some greats of Oriya music - this video is well shot and sleek in appearance. Only thing missing is that some credits could have been given for the singers. I could identify Prafulla Kar, Pranab Pattnaik, Trupti Das and some others. But some of the faces are new - and I have stopped listening to new Oriya songs for quite a long time now to identify the new generation of singers.

Here is the video. Please leave a comment with a name of the singers if you can - just to give some credit to these forgotten all time greats.


Unknown said...

my life time best song for my sweet orissa. its really heart toching song . when ever i sing this song in my house i feel crying with happiness or why i dont know .everyone should know the value of this song . specially our oriya people . i love orissa , i love this song and i really thankful to the maker of this song . ple make some more for orissa. .......... subratdigal@yahoo.com

SM R said...

thanks subrat for your comment! do you know all the singers in the song?

Dr Natasha Das said...

Now you have the names, Mama-mia. Put them up for others to know.

Unknown said...

Mama I am overwhelmed. It is heart touching. I am glad that you have remembered this song even you are staying outside the country. I know that you are teaching your children to love the country. The Singers are Trupti Das, Tapu Mishra, Geeta Pattnaik,Prafulla Kar, Pranab Pattnaik, Subash Das, Tansen Singh, Ratikanta Satapathy. The Song is written by Kantakabi Lakshmikanta Mohapatra. Blessings BOU & NANA.

Deepak said...

Glory to thee, Mother Utkal
I adore Thee, O’Mother Utkal
How loving are Thy smile and voice !
O’Mother, Mother, Mother !
Bath’d art Thou by the sacred Sea,
Thy shores adorned with trees tall and green,
Balmy befogged breeze blowing by beauteous streams,
O’Mother, Mother, Mother !
Thy body bedecked with dense woodlands,
Arrayed with verdant hills plaited like waves,
Thy sky ringing with choirs of singing birds,
O’Mother, Mother, Mother !
How charming are Thy rich fields of corn !
Thou art Eye to knowledge and science
Sacred Abode to saints and seers,
O’Mother, Mother, Mother !
Thy land bejewelled with splendid shrines,
Richly dress’d art Thou in varied arts,
Thy limbs studded with sacred sites,
O’Mother, Mother, Mother !
Thou Home to the valiant heroes of Utkal,
Thy frame crimsoned with enemies’ blood,
Prime Darling of the whole universe,
O’Mother, Mother, Mother !
Greeted by Thy great sons, the crowning bards,
Thy untarnished glory proclaimed all around,
Blessed art Thou, the Holy, the Unfalling Abode,
I adore Thee, O’Mother, Mother, Mother !
Bande Utkal Janani---
-- Deepak Basti , Automobile engg , saudiarab