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Friday, 22 October 2010

Kumar Purnima - Kumara Punei Janha...

Today is Kumar Poornima. I was reminded of all the Kumar Pornima celebrated during childhood with Pitha, Mitha, offerings to the Janha and later the song "Kumara Punei Janha Go Phula Baula Beni". And of course pranam (Mundiya) to the elders and getting coins or rupees in exchange.

Here is the song "Kumara Punei Janha Go" danced by some performers in Toronto and oblingingly shared on youtube.

Kumar Purnima is a festival where Karthik the handsome bachelor and the Son of Shiva and Parvati is worshipped. Girls worship Karthik wishing for a beau like him and eat after offering to the full moon. The day is also observed as Laxmi Puja or Gaja Laxmi Pooja by some. Read more about Kumar Poornima at Jasodhara's page on Facebook.!/album.php?aid=281862&id=138227944973


tasrij said...

hmm...good man..

totally geared to get revenues...need some tuitions on this man

Anonymous said...

great man, keep it up

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