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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hrudaya Ra Ehi Sunyata Ku - Oriya Song

Here is Dr. Pintoo singing Hrudaya Ra Ehi Sunyata Ku, an old oriya song.


GG said...

Mr. Singer,

I really appreciate your efforts but plz don't torture us with us classic singing. Could u plz upload the original song! Thank you..

murugesh said...

bhaina alia bhalia gaiki upload karideicha.sunile kharap laguchi.ate bhala gitatara wart lagei cha ho. don't mind,if possible upload the real song. bye

Raju said...

You are not impressed atall, because u sung such a ridiculously, that i can not explain you. Please next time you should practice more than you can sing. And it's a request that before upload in the site get your feedbacks from your friends. If they will give you good feedback then after upload your songs in the website.